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Aam Ki Awaaz
  • For me, AAM is democracy and freedom of speech for the common people. India is the largest democracy, but isn't it an irony that sometimes the common people are suppressed and are forced not to express their opinions/views? For eg: the recent SC rule about Article 377 is shameful and it is a clear contradiction with the democratic rights of Indian people
    -- Ushnota Paul, Editor at GyanCentral, Mumbai --
  • Nations rise and fall on the whims of the common man. Be common, be Aam!
    -- Chintan Shah, Corp HR, RPSG Group, Kolkata --
  • AAM to me means all of us. We the citizens of India are all AAM. And now that the common man has raised his voice, things will change for good!
    -- Audrey Pais, M.B.B.S Student, Mumbai --
  • I am AAM because I can vote and will vote!
    -- Vishesha Adhvaryu, M.B.B.S Student, Mumbai --
  • AAM to me means the common man who works hard to make a living, but has the power to change anything!
    -- Disha Pandurangi, M.B.B.S Student, Mumbai --
  • We are all the same. The best of our thoughts and the most corrupt ones come from the same mind. When someone initiates and tries to manifest good thought we should encourage instead of puncturing it. We are all the same. The same people can be better or worse. Let's be AAM.
    -- Nitin Khatwani, Architect, Mumbai --
  • I am AAM because I keep complaining about bad roads and corruption and do nothing about it!
    -- Kanan Tandi, Social Entrepreneur, Mumbai --
  • AAM to me means collective energy of the 125 crore people, the vibrancy of myriad colours of our country, the melody of different sounds of many languages and dialects. AAM to me makes me see India stand out as a country among the drab grays, blacks and browns of the cold west!
    -- Avnita Bir, Principal at R.N. Podar C.B.S.E School, Mumbai --
  • I am AAM because I pay taxes and abide by the laws!
    -- Jeewant Singh, Lead Business Analyst, Pershing LLC, Pune --
  • I am AAM because I wake up every day to go to office, do the usual work, come back home to have dinner, sleep and wake up again to follow the same routine the next day.
    -- Nikhil Kumbhalkar, senior Consultant, Oracle, Pune --
  • I am AAM because for me, there are areas too close for an auto and too far to walk to.
    -- Anand Nair, Writer, Mumbai --
  • AAM is the common man. It only indicates the individual, but also his power. in today's scenario where corruption is rampant, the need for the AAM aadmi to stand up and take action has become a necessity. The best tool for the AAM aadmi is the vote.
    -- Shreeram Savant, M.B.B.S student, Mumbai --
  • I am AAM because my mom brought me up saying so
    -- Akshay Brijkishan, Social Media Manager, Maxus, Gurgaon --
  • I am AAM because I use all modes of transport just like every other common man!
    -- Aditya Girotra, Business Development Manager, Ecolibrium Energy, Chandigarh --
  • I am AAM coz Arvind Kejriwal says so.
    -- Rachit Agarwal, Community Manager, Sprinklr, Bengaluru --
  • I am AAM because I face traffic while netas and ministers get a clear road for their 'anshans' and 'rallies'
    -- Suraj Prakash, M.B.B.S Student, Mumbai --
  • I am Aam because I have to pay bribes to the RTO officer in order to get my driving license done, even if I have answered all questions correctly, I am AAM because I live in a rented house and I pay Rs. 400 for water every month whereas the yearly water bill comes to a mere Rs 600-700. There is no explanation from my landlord as to why Rs 400 is added to my rent!
    -- Kingshuk Dutta, Journalist, India Today, Delhi --
  • I still have to get up at 6 in the morning, iron my own clothes and take a packed train for 1.5 hours to get to work, I still have to sit in office and make sure I do my work so that I can earn a modest salary which can make up for my basic needs and a foreign trip or car still feels like a luxury, I still have to make sure I save enough to pay for my marriage and try to watch 1 movie in a decent cinema, I still have to remember that even after working like a superhero I am still an ‘AAM AADMI’!
    -- Ebrahim Popat, Business Development Manager, Vserve.Mobi, Mumbai --
  • I am AAM because I travel in local trains and have to go through the usual procedure for any government related work.
    -- Akshay Alurkar, Senior Sales Engineer, Thermax Ltd, Mumbai --
  • I am AAM because i don’t feel I am khaas.
    -- Amrita Gopinath, Communications Team, Nestle India, Gurgaon --
  • I am AAM because my basic needs are roti, kapda aur makaan, but I still believe in age, makaan aur peeche dukaan.
    -- Dheeraj Shah, CA, Bengaluru --
  • I am AAM. Don't misinterpret my silence and patience.
    -- Niyati Sangoi, M.B.B.S Student Nair College, Mumbai --
  • I am AAM because I work hard to earn, so before spending, whether it's worth it or not, I need to learn!
    -- Karishma Sanghvi, Assistant Manager Croma, Mumbai --
  • I am AAM. I have no face, no identity. I could be the man next to you in the local train, I could be the person who brushes against you in a crowd. I could be among the multitude that throng the city's pavements and alleys. I share with you, the feeling of oppression and misuse that has been rampant among the country's masses for decades since India saw the first rays of sovereignty. I am being crushed under the weight of autocracy, political dynasties, corruption and mismanagement. Look everywhere around you, and you will find me ready to join the fight to uproot the malaise of the country by its very root. Im AAM and I am ubiquitous.
    -- Ashutosh Dikshit, B.Pharm Student UDCT, Mumbai --
  • I am AAM because I'm subjected to certain restrictions. My parents are always worried about my safety, especially after reading about the increasing number of crimes against women!
    -- Prachi Patel, M.B.B.S Student, Mumbai --
  • I am AAM because I vote. And I WILL always vote and be a responsible common man.
    -- Ishita Gala, CA aspirant, Mumbai --
  • I am AAM because I believe that if some common man like Gandhi can get us freedom single-handedly, then I can at least contribute a little something to make this independent India a better place to live!
    -- Kewal Sangoi, M.D. aspirant, Pune --
  • AAM doesn't mean a person belongs to any class. An AAM aadmi can be a person from below poverty line, poor person, may belong to middle class or even upper class. He is the one who works his ass off to earn what he deserves. He goes by the rules, faces everyday problems and comes out successfully through them with utmost selflessness and without cheating anyone.
    -- Abhinit Shah, M.B.B.S student, Mumbai --


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