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For generations, we have been tracing the instances of the quintessential common man as a regimen with our morning cuppa. We have sympathized with him, empathized with him, related to him, smirking at the witty portrayal of the helpless you and me. But is that how we really want to be, even after 67 years of independence? We've all been victims of our rotting system, but it's time to change that. Deep within each of us is our true voice waiting to be heard, our Inner-AAM. Let's bring out the true mango of the mango man. Together, let's celebrate our mango-ness, our true identity. Let's be AAM.
The Common Man has an Inner-AAM (Angry And Mad) that is just wanting to explode and do something about the cacophony around him.
Since Laxman will continue to draw the Common-Man as a damsel in distress and sell books, give speeches, get honoured etc. by the bucketload while at it, Srikant Jakilinki takes the artistic liberty of bursting the bubble and bringing out the Inner-AAM of demure character and fight the evils, worms, leeches, maggots… get the drift, of politicians, businesses, terrorism, policegiri, supersitions, rowdyism et al. in the hope it will inspire all of you.
Communication channel no bar, strata of society no bar, the Inner-AAM movement will inspire one and all.
Young or old, through TV or radio, the Inner-AAM is waiting to erupt and clean up the filth in society!
It could be a casual conversation at the office water cooler or a passing announcement, it just takes a spark to ignite the Inner-AAM within you!
Are you in? Are you going to bring out your Inner-AAM and join the fight? We’re all waiting!

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