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About Us

I Want to Make a Difference

I Want to Voice My Opinion

I Want to Ignite Change

I Matter


Why I Am AAM?

Kick-starting the era of 'AAM'
For a long time, we the Indians, have been categorized, divided and segregated by religion, caste, language, region and various other criteria that suited the whims and selfish objectives of a few individuals, institutions and rulers. This has impeded our human, social and economic development, bred bad governance and corruption as well as led to violence and misery.

Finally, we are beginning to see the folly of divisiveness. We are realizing that we have more in common with other Indians than what divides us. We are all uniting under the banner of “AAM”. It's our time and it starts NOW!

I AM AAM is our quest to collaboratively explore, understand and explain the common Indian identity 'AAM'.

Who are we the AAM people? What is our personality? Who are our role models? What are our AAM aspirations? What are our AAM issues? What are our AAM solutions to overcome our AAM issues and achieve AAM aspirations?

I Am AAM is a way to EXPRESS
I Am AAM is our attempt to re-engage our disenfranchised AAM and provide them a tangible vehicle to express their “AAM”-ness and make a difference in a simple and fuss-free manner! This is how we do it:

MERCHANDIZE (Flaunt Your ‘AAM-ness’)
We create statement designer merchandize to strongly express the different facets of ‘AAM’. With I Am AAM, you get to flaunt your ‘AAM’-ness in style.

CONTRIBUTION (Express Your ‘AAM’ choice)
Now, this is the second part. When you purchase an I Am AAM product, we give you an option to contribute 100% of the profit proceeds from the sale of the item you have purchased to a political party of your choice. Your choice symbolizes your political stand and is an active and significant contribution to fuel change that will create a society, economy and country that you have envisioned!


I Am AAM is promoted by ShopImagine eCommerce Ventures LLP. Design, manufacturing and fulfillment is done in collaboration with ThinStrokes.com. Simply put, we are an enthusiastic bunch of designers, merchandizers, developers, engineer, marketeers and e-commerce zots from IITs, BITS-Pilani, NID, NIFT and Symbiosis who have come together to create this brand.

We Welcome You to JOIN our QUEST!

We invite all interested creative agencies and designers to come on join us. We also invite each and every one of you to join our quest and pool in your ideas and your vision of 'AAM'. with Get in touch with us here.

This brand is defined by each and every one of us-the 'AAM' and so, belongs to each and every one of us! Welcome on board!

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