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Boutique relies on 'Aam' power

Deccan Chronicle, Bengaluru, Friday 7 February, 2014 Page 6 (Politics): In an effort to capitalize on the Lok Sabha poll mood, ShopImagine online boutique has launched a fresh brand 'I am Aam', a new brand to empower everyone to express the opinions and aspirations of the aam aadmi through the medium of T-shirts. Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, I am Aam's director of marketing, Neha Shah said that these are mostly unisex tees which come in striking colours with bold graphics that are guaranteed to draw everyone's attention with inspiring and witty designs and one-liners that depict various sentiments of the common man. "These tees are available exclusively through the online site" she said. Ms. Shah added that I am Aam not only flaunts the t-shirt with the opinion but also purchaser get to take a political stand. "Anyone can place orders that represent one's aspirations. The site allowss the purchaser to donate 100% of the profits from his or her purchase to the party."

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