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DNA Bengaluru

 Now, wear your political opinion on your sleeve. Literally

DNA, Bengaluru, February 11 2014, Tuesday, Page 2: Tired of the bad road in front of your house, or fed up of the bureaucracy and red tape in government offices? Fret not, as now you can express your frustration and concerns on a T-shirt.

Called ‘I am Aam’, the brand aims at empowering everyone to express opinions and aspirations of issues faced by the aam aadmi, through the medium of t-shirts. “We wanted to involve the urban youth in the political process, but in a simple way. To be honest, it is not possible for everyone to leave their jobs and get into active politics. Also, the urban youth would not like something that is too preachy. Hence, we decided on t-shirts, something which the youth find cool,” says Neha Shah, manager, marketing, Shop Imagine, which is manufacturing I am Aam t-shirts.
The t-shirts let the wearer express their political opinions in style. To engage them further in the political process, 100% of the profits from the sale of the t-shirts are contributed to the political party of their choice.

“Ours is an e-commerce portal. Hence, after the purchase has been made we ask the buyer if he would like to contribute the profit from his purchase to any political party. This is our own little effort to make the process transparent,” says Shah.

The designs on the t-shirts have been kept light-hearted. “I purchased the t-shirt that speaks against lal batti. The best part about this t-shirt is that it is not preachy, and it looks cool. I am not too sure whether anything will change, but at least I am able to express my opinion through what I am wearing,” says Nitya Chidambaram, a 25-year-old techie.

The company has already received 150 pre-orders. Most orders have been registered from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. “It is good to see the youth showing their anger at the system rather than just keeping quite about it,” says Shah.

“I am very much interested in politics. However, it is not possible for me to leave my job and join a political party. Hence, I have asked I am Aam to contribute the profits from my purchase to BJP,” says Vidyut Pande, a banker. 

“We don’t expect to change the political system through this movement. However, we definitely hope to make the disinterested urban youth more active about issues that affect people at large,” remarks Shah.

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Source: DNA Bengaluru

Credits: Suparna Goswami Bhattacharya

Released on: February 4, 2014, 10:00AM
Contact: Gargi Prasad
Tel: +91-7387093105
Email: gargi.prasad@iamaam.in

Pune Maharashtra (February 4, 2014)–In the upcoming election season, politicians will not be the only ones trying to get their opinions heard. 'i am aam', a fresh new brand is empowering every one to express their opinions and aspirations of aam aadmi's issues through the cool medium of t-shirts.

Comfortably styled and made of high quality, 100% cotton, the mostly unisex tees come in striking colors with bold graphics that are guaranteed to draw everyone's attention to inspiring and witty designs and taglines that depict various sentiments of the 'aam'. These tees are available exclusively through the online site http://www.iamaam.in.

Realizing that 'talk is cheap', i am aam enables you to 'put your money where your mouth is'. Not only do you flaunt the t-shirt with your opinion but you also get to take a political stand. At the checkout, the website asks you to select the political party that best represents your aspirations and the site donates 100% of the profits from your purchase to that party. How cool is that?

i am aam t-shirt designs are the brainchild of some of the most creative designers from art, fashion and industrial design institutes of India. i am aamis invites creative agencies and independent designers to participate in this creative revolution and submit their designs.

“For a long time, we the Indians, have been divided and segregated by religion, caste, language, region and various other criteria that suited the whims and selfish objectives of a few individuals, institutions and rulers. Today, we realize that we have more in common with other Indians than what separates us," said Neha Shah, Director of Marketing for this new brand. “So come on over to iamaam.in and let's celebrate our aam-ness in style", added Ms. Shah.

Website: http://www.iamaam.in
Instagram: iamaam_in
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamaam.in
Twitter: @iamaam_in

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Media Contact: Neha Shah
Tel: +91-9535289500
Email: gargi.prasad@iamaam.in

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