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1) Where can I buy I Am AAM merchandize?
Right now, our products are available exclusively on www.iamaam.com or www.iamaam.in. But we'll grow soon and will keep you posted! Subscribe to our newsletter here to stay posted.

2) How do I buy a product on I Am AAM?
Now that you're on our website, click on a product you like. Enter Size and Quantity and Add to Cart. Repeat this till you're done with all your shopping. Then, click on "Checkout" from your cart to confirm the stuff you’ve just bought, and enter your shipping and payment information. All you need to do is confirm your order and you’re done.

3) What payment options do you offer?

You can pay online (Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking)-DirecPay is our payment gateway OR by Cash-On-Delivery. An additional INR 75 apart from standard shipping rate (INR 55) will be charged for Cash-On-Delivery.

4) Can I change or cancel my order once it is confirmed?
Once an order is submitted, we immediately begin preparing it and therefore cannot make any changes. Please make sure to confirm all order details prior to submitting the order.

5) Order Confirmations
Shortly after placing your order, you will receive an email confirming that I Am AAM has received your order. You will receive a second email when your order ships.

6) Returns
We accept returns only in the following cases within 15 days of receiving order:

a) Size Issue

b) Defect in Product

You can book a return here. Returns will be processed as Exchanges or Store Credit.

7) Newsletters
We're going to have a lot of activity happening daily-new designs, new products, contests and a lot more! Subscribe for our newsletter to keep in touch. (And yes, keep us in your Primary Inbox :)

8) Social Media
We love social media and we love sharing and conversing with you. Join our buzz on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

9) How do I contact you guys?
E-Mail us on iamaamindia@gmail.com or call us on 020-30492063. Alternatively, chat with our customer care executives on that bobbing chat window on the right hand corner. Here is where we camp: 19, Suyojana Society, Lane 5, Koregaon Park, Pune-411001

10) Do you guys do Corporate and Wholesale orders?
Surely we do. Drop a mail to iamaamindia@gmail.com or call us on 020-30492063 to find out more.

11) How do you ship my order?
We use Blue Dart to ship all our orders.

12) Do you ship outside India?
No. But you can drop us an e-mail on iamaamindia@gmail.com or call us on 020-30492063 and we'll figure something out for you.

13) Why do you charge VAT and Shipping separately?
We keep these charges separate to ensure complete financial transparency from cost price to profit. We want our shoppers to be fully aware of what they are buying and what exactly they are contributing (if at all) towards the political party of their choice. So, for every order we charge 5% VAT and INR 55 flat shipping rate.


1) I am a creative agency/independent graphic designer and want to pitch in. How do I go about it?
We welcome all creative people to pitch to join us! We work on a 10% royalty model. Write to us on iamaamindia@gmail.com with your portfolio and we'll get back to you!

2) I have some ideas opinions about AAM and want to pitch in. How do I go about it?
We're looking for you! We want to slowly evolve into a crowd-sourced brand by, for and of the people. Give us a shout on iamaamindia@gmail.com with your idea or scribble on our Facebook page. It could be an abstract thought or an original graphic. We're all ears!


1) How does the Shopper Contribution Program work?
We have reached out to all political parties in India (both national and regional) and have registered them for our Shopper Contribution Program. We give our shoppers an option to donate 100% of profit proceeds from the sale of the item that they have purchased to a political party of their choice. At the end of each month, we transfer all donations made by the shoppers (in thatmonth) to the official bank accounts of the respective parties (as provided to us by the parties concerned).

2) How do I donate?
Once you're done with your shopping and have completed your order, you will get a pop-up on the Thank You page (see below image for reference), where you can donate to a political party of your choice. The exact donation amount (100% net profit proceeds from sale of the item you have purchased) will be mentioned. You may choose not to donate at all by clicking NO THANKS. Select the political party of your choice and click on DONATE. You will receive a mail acknowledging your contribution.

Shopper Contribution Pop-Up

3) Why should I donate to a political party?
Our country is experiencing a political revolution of sorts. We are all more politically aware than we ever were and want to do our bit to make a difference. By donating to a political party of your choice, you are expressing your political opinion and to a large extent, your ideals. Your contribution will be significant for this party to execute its agenda.

4) How do I know that my donation is being transferred to the political party chosen by me?

You will receive an acknowledgement mail from us as soon as donate. This will be followed by cheque number of the total contribution that your donation is a part of and deposit account details of the party to which you have donated. This will process will be done at the end of the month in which you have made your purchase.

5) What if I don't want to donate to any political party?
No worries at all. Just click on NO THANKS on the Shopper Contribution pop-up page.

6) What happens to the profits if I choose not to donate to any political party?
In this case, the profit proceeds stay with I Am AAM.

7) I am an independent candidate contesting elections. I want to enlist myself for the Shopper Contribution Program. How do I go about it?
You can contact us here. We will get back to you with a confirmation.

8) I am a member of a political party and want to enlist my party for the Shopper Contribution Progtam. How do I go about it?
You can contact us here. We will get back to you with a confirmation.

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